Common Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Your Windows

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Your Windows

Cleaning windows can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! A few tips and tricks can help make your window cleaning experiences a breeze. Let’s take a look at the common window-cleaning mistakes you’ll want to avoid so you can get the best results!


Using the Wrong Type of Cleaner

Using the wrong type of cleaner to clean your windows can cause unwanted streaks on the surface due to residue from the cleaner not being thoroughly rinsed off. Avoid harsh chemicals, such as bleach and ammonia-based products, since these can quickly damage the windows and leave behind a cloudy film.

Choose a mild detergent designed for cleaning glass surfaces or a vinegar-based solution that won’t leave a residue. When using these products, dilute them with plenty of water before applying them. This will reduce the chances of streaking and ensure that you have enough product to cover your windows without any excess residue left after cleaning.

Finally, always make sure to choose a window cleaner specifically formulated for glass surfaces – otherwise, you could end up causing permanent damage. Many professional cleaners from Subang Jaya can help you achieve clean and streak-free windows if you are in the area.

Not Preparing the Window Properly

When cleaning your windows, the most crucial step is to prepare the window surface properly before you begin. It means sliding open your window and giving both sides of it a thorough cleaning with a vacuum. A soft brush attachment works best as this will pick up any dirt and dust particles without the risk of scratching the glass.

Once the surface is clear of dirt and dust, it is incredibly beneficial to use a cloth or sponge mopped in a peaceful solution of all-purpose cleaner, vinegar, and water (usually one cup of vinegar per gallon of water). It will help remove any grease or stains on your window that may have permeated it over time due to weather conditions or other contaminants. After wiping contains off, you can use any cloth, sponge, or squeegee dampened with plain water to wipe away any remaining residue for a clean finish.

Cleaning on a Hot, Sunny Day

When cleaning your windows, hard work and attention to detail will get you the best results. However, if you’re not careful, you might be making some common mistakes that can prevent you from achieving spotless windows. One mistake often made is cleaning your windows on a hot or sunny day.

Sun and heat can cause window cleaner to dry too quickly, leaving streaks or dirt trapped in the pane that could be difficult to remove later. It would be best to look for days with diffuse sunlight or cloudy days for an optimal window-cleaning experience. The temperature should also not be too high since chemicals in cleaners, such as ammonia, can evaporate into toxic fumes if exposed to excessive heat and direct sunlight.

Using Dirty or Abrasive Tools

Using the wrong tools when cleaning your windows can leave permanent scratches. Whenever possible, you should use soft, clean cloths and sponges to ensure no damage to the window’s surfaces. If you have to use metal scrubbers or brushes, gently rub with the grain rather than across it.

In addition, only use cleaning solutions specifically designed for windows; avoid abrasive detergents or scouring pads, as these could permanently damage the windows.

Not Drying the Window Properly

After cleaning your windows, use a lint-free cloth or newspaper to dry the surface thoroughly. Not drying your windows properly can lead to streaks or residues that require more work. If you use a window cleaning solution, ensure it is completely wiped off before drying, which will help prevent residue from forming on the glass.

Additionally, take care not to rub too hard when drying. It can leave scratches that may affect the glass over time and reduce visibility. Instead of circular motions, use one long swipe across the entire surface of the window pane to preserve your windows’ clarity.


Cleaning windows can be easy as long as you pay attention to the details and use the right products. Remember to always begin by removing any dust and debris from the surface of your windows. Next, use a clean sponge and window cleaner to scrub away dirt and grime. Finally, give the glass one final wipe.

Following these guidelines, you can keep your windows looking great all year round. With regular cleaning, they will look not only pleasing but also last longer too. So don’t be afraid to clean your windows – it can be simple, fast, and effective!

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