List of Essential Commercial and Office Cleaning Supplies

List of Essential Commercial and Office Cleaning Supplies

Are you an office manager, business owner, or commercial cleaner looking to stock up on necessary cleaning supplies? You’re in luck! Here is a comprehensive list of essential items that no workspace should be without. Let’s get your office sparkling and germ-free!


All-purpose Cleaner

All-purpose cleaning supplies are essential for any commercial or office cleaning job. They can be used to remove dirt, grime, and stains from a variety of surfaces such as walls, floors, kitchens, bathrooms, and more. All-purpose cleaners come in many forms and formulas including vinegar, liquid ammonia, liquid soap, oxygen bleach, and more. Most all-purpose cleaners contain a surfactant (a surfactant is an active ingredient that reduces the surface tension of a liquid) that helps to break down dirt and grime so it can be wiped away easily. Look for all-purpose cleaners that are specifically labeled safe to use on the surfaces you want to clean.

In addition to all-purpose cleansers, there are specialty cleansers available for specific tasks like tile or grout cleaning or metal cleaning. Specialty products allow you to tackle tough spots quickly and effectively with minimum effort.

Whether you’re looking for everyday multi-surface cleaners or specialty products for tougher jobs, make sure you have the basics on hand so your office stays sparkling clean!

Glass Cleaner

Glass Cleaner is an essential product for several janitorial tasks. This product helps to quickly and effectively clean glass surfaces such as windows, mirrors, and tabletops in offices, restaurants, and other commercial buildings. Glass cleaner is also essential for keeping glass partitions and entry doors clean and presentable in office settings.

The most common type of glass cleaner is a spray bottle filled with a solution of ammonia, detergent, and water. Premium glass cleaners may also contain additives to help prevent streaking or smearing on the glass surface, as well as to provide additional cleaning action. They are mostly used for general cleaning tasks such as removing dust and fingerprints from glass surfaces.

It’s important to choose the right type of glass cleaner based on the job at hand. For example, ammonia-based cleaners may be too strong for tinted windows or delicate finishes, while non-ammonia products may work better on these surfaces. In addition, the most effective cleaners will require little effort to get the job done. Make sure that you follow all safety instructions when using any commercial cleaning products as some chemicals can be hazardous if inhaled or ingested.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

Regular maintenance of carpets and upholstered furniture is essential in any home or office to keep them looking fresh, clean, and inviting. There are several carpet and upholstery cleaners on the market, each with its unique characteristics. Here is an overview of some of the commonly used products:

  • Carpet Shampoo – This cleaner combines detergent, rubbing alcohol, and water to create a foam that is applied directly to the carpet. It is then worked into the fibers using a carpet brush or machine applicator. After allowing it to sit for a few minutes, it’s then broken down by vacuuming and leaves behind a pleasant scent on your carpets or rugs.
  • Steam Cleaning – Steam cleaning involves applying heated water and detergents or cleaning solutions directly onto carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture with high-pressure tools that evenly distribute the mixture deep into fabrics. The steam then breaks down dirt particles and removes them from the surface fabric upon extraction.
  • Dry Cleaning – Dry cleaning uses an aerosol spray that contains petrochemicals or solvents to remove oil-based stains such as grease marks, dirt, or mud from fabrics without having to wet them first. The aerosol spray dissolves the stains so that they can be easily wiped away without having to use any water at all.
  • Enzyme-Based Carpet Cleaners – Enzyme-based cleaners contain enzymes derived from plants, fungi, or bacteria which act specifically on oil-based stains such as those containing sugar molecules found in pet urine, food stains, etc. When applied directly onto contaminated carpets or rugs it helps break down oily residue which can be extracted after treatment with hot water extraction machines leaving behind sparkling clean surfaces; making enzyme cleaners popular for car interiors as well as hotel lobbies alike!

Disinfectant Wipes and Sprays

Disinfectant wipes and sprays are essential for cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing surfaces. These products typically contain alcohol and other germ-fighting ingredients that kill harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Disinfectant wipes are convenient because they are pre-moistened with the solution so you don’t need any additional supplies to clean surfaces. Disinfectant sprays can be used to target hard-to-reach areas where surfaces cannot be easily wiped down.

For optimal protection against germs and bacteria, it is important to use these products regularly throughout an office or commercial space. Many of these products come in a variety of scents to freshen up the air in any space. Be sure to read the labels on each product as there may be specific instructions for proper usage and safe storage when using any type of disinfectant product.

Mop and Broom

Mop and broom are some of the most essential cleaning supplies needed in any commercial and office environment. Having the right mops, brooms and other sweeping supplies can help keep your facility not only looking clean but also help ensure proper sanitation on all surfaces.

When shopping for cleaning equipment, look for ergonomically designed products that reduce strain on the body, like lightweight mops with adjustable handles. Mop heads come in a variety of sizes, materials, and shapes to ensure effective scrubbing and quick-drying performance. Common materials used for mop heads include rayon, cotton, or microfiber. Different shapes can be used to better clean grooves or other hard-to-reach spaces.

The selection of brooms available is almost limitless; you can get traditional corn fiber brooms for carpets or indoor floors, outdoor wood-bristle brooms that are perfect for concrete surfaces, or synthetic material utility brooms that can tackle multiple job duties without having to switch out every time you have a different task in front of you. Consider what type of broom is best suited to your needs before making your purchase decision – they all have specialized functions!

Dusting Cloths

When cleaning commercial and office spaces, having the right cloths and mops is essential for getting the job done quickly and effectively. Dusting cloths must be able to pick up, trap, and hold dust while leaving surfaces sparkling clean. Mops should be made of durable material that is easy to wring out, removing dirt without leaving a messy trail.

Depending on the size of a space, dusting cloths may vary in size and material. Cloths made from microfiber are best because they can absorb several times the amount of liquid than traditional cotton cloths can – making spills easier to mop up with less effort required. They also do not need to be treated with any chemicals since their fibers act as tiny vacuums – trapping dirt, bacteria, and allergens until being washed for reuse or discarded.

Sponges and Scrub Brushes

Sponges and scrub brushes are essential cleaning supplies when it comes to deep cleaning commercial and office spaces. Sponges come in a variety of sizes and are usually made from either cellulose, polyurethane foam, or a combination of the two. These sponges can be used for easily wiping spills or you can use them to target tough stains in your workspace.

Scrubbing brushes are another kind of essential tool when it comes to tackling pesky dirt or grime that has built up on surfaces such as countertops, desks, or door frames. Depending on the job, you can pick up small detailing brushes with softer bristles or larger scrub brushes that may have stiffer bristles to tackle tougher messes. Many scrubs also come with ergonomic handles so you can better handle these items without feeling any fatigue with extended use.

Trash Bags

Trash bags are an essential item in any commercial or office cleaning supply list. While the specification of trash bags varies depending on the intended use, most types serve to protect trash cans from spills and keep debris contained while allowing easy removal and disposal.

Typical materials used for trash bag production include low-density polyethylene (LDPE), high-density polyethylene (HDPE), linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), and oxo-biodegradable plastic resins.

When choosing the right type of trash bag, it’s important to consider factors such as material type, capacity, size, and strength. Different sizes are available for different needs ranging from as small as 16 quarts or 3 gallons up to gallon sizes with varying thicknesses of plastic – from .7 mil to over 10 mil – corresponding to various levels of durability, tear resistance, and puncture protection.

Heavy-duty garbage bags can also be widely utilized for outdoor tasks such as leaf collection or gardening activities. All in all, many types of commercial-grade waste bags offer a wide variety of choices suited for every need.

Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths are an essential tool in any commercial or office cleaning process. These all-purpose cloths are smaller than traditional cleaning cloths and come in a variety of styles, textures, and sizes.

As their name implies, microfiber cloths are composed of extremely small fibers – up to 10 times finer than those of traditional cotton cloths. This construction means that these microfibers can trap dirt, dust, and bacteria more effectively than traditional cotton materials. Microfiber’s static charge also helps these clothes attract dust even better.

This makes them an incredibly useful way to pick up dirt from a large range of surfaces without leaving any lint or residue behind – making them ideal for cleaning desks, electronic equipment, and furniture surfaces as well as other sensitive areas such as kitchen counters and bathroom sinks. Most microfiber products are designed to be machine-washable for ease of use; you may even choose to treat your floor area with a wet mop head attached to your preferred cleaning solution for optimum results.


Having the right office supplies can mean the difference between working efficiently and having a cluttered environment. Keeping your workspace clean also allows you to find important documents quickly and easily.

From cleaners to sanitizers, it is essential to have the right products within reach so you always remain prepared. To ensure your office remains clean, always supplement your cleaning supplies with regular maintenance and make sure all staff members are familiar with proper cleaning protocol for larger messes. If you don’t have the time to clean your office, you can always hire a cleaning company to assist you with all your cleaning needs.

With an ideal balance of basic office cleaning supplies and more specialized products, you can enjoy a tidy work environment.

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